Leah Dixon

Undergraduate: Computer Graphics and Interactive Media
May, 2004

I am currently seeking freelance and project-based work in broadcast design, art direction, and graphics production for motion and print graphics. 6 years experience includes production in AfterEffects, FinalCut, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark. Also proficient with Flash, ProTools, and Peak.

I am also currently seeking gallery representation and/or new venues for my multimedia installation TEMPLE and its related animation and print works. More information on this body of work can be found at http://pratt.edu/~ldixon/temple.html.

All the works on this site are copyrighted to the artist/designer; permission to use any of the work should be requested from the individual creator. If you have any difficulty reaching them, please contact Pratt's Center for Career & Professional Development: career (at) pratt (dot) edu.